Title Value
1. Potatoes 1 Kg
2. Minced meat 500 Column
3. Bulb onions 1 PC.
4. Salt taste
5. Black pepper taste


1. Stage

Three potatoes on a grater together with half an onion. Salt to taste, squeeze out excess liquid. The resulting mass should retain its shape when molding sorcerers.

2. Stage

Finely chop the remaining onion and mix it with the minced meat. Add salt, pepper, mix well.

3. Stage

We take a lump of potatoes and make a cake out of it. Put a piece of minced meat in the middle and gently wrap it in a potato mass.

4. Stage

In a frying pan over low heat, heat 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil. We put the sorcerers and fry until tender, about 10 minutes on each side.