Recipe information
2 hour 7 min.
Calorie content:


Title Value
1. Clove 1 PC.
2. Black pepper taste
3. Salt taste
4. Bay leaf 2 PC.
5. Tomato paste 1 art. l
6. Olive oil 6 art. l
7. Smoked pork 150 Column
8. Walnuts 50 Column
9. Orange 1 PC.
10. Beef 1.5 Kg
11. Thyme 1 twig
12. Rosemary 1 twig
13. Garlic 1/2 head
14. Shallot 4 PC.
15. Petiole celery 1/2 PC.
16. Leek 1/2 the stalk
17. Carrot 2 PC.
18. Dry red wine 1 bottle


1. Stage

Cut the meat into large pieces, put in a deep bowl or pan. Peel vegetables, cut into cubes, add to meat. Add crushed cloves of garlic, zest and orange juice, walnuts, herbs and spices. Pour all the wine and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours, preferably a day.

2. Stage

Remove the meat from the refrigerator in advance so that it warms up to room t °. Remove from the marinade, dry with a napkin, salt and pepper. Heat half the olive oil in a cast-iron roasting pan and fry the meat in parts over high heat until golden brown. Fold in a bowl and set aside.

3. Stage

Fold the vegetables in a colander and pat dry with a napkin. Save the marinade. In the remaining olive oil, fry the sliced brisket over high heat over high heat. Add vegetables from the marinade, lightly brown, add tomato paste and sauté, stirring, for 1-2 minutes.

4. Stage

Put the meat in vegetables, mix, pour the marinade, close the lid and put the stew in a preheated oven to 150 ° for 1 hour, then reduce the heat to 125 ° and simmer the meat for another 4 hours.

5. Stage

Remove the meat from the sauce, strain the sauce through a sieve, squeezing the liquid out of the vegetables as much as possible (the boiled vegetables no longer appear). Remove grease from the surface of the sauce. Return the sauce to the roasting pan, boil lightly. Put the meat in the sauce, warm.