Recipe information
1 hour 20 min.
Calorie content:


Title Value
1. Carrot 600 Column
2. Bulb onions 100 Column
3. Rice 600 Column
4. Vegetable oil 200 Ml
5. Mutton 600 Column
6. Garlic 2 head
7. Salt 2 Tsp
8. Zira 10 Column


1. Stage

Carrots need to be cut into cubes, and onions are not too thin rings. There should be a lot of carrots, and it is better to take a large one, not too young, so that it retains its shape.

2. Stage

This pilaf uses Uzbek Devzira rice, which is ideal for pilaf - it does not boil and does not stick together. Rice should be washed and soaked in cold water for 30 minutes.

3. Stage

Pour oil into a well-heated pan and let it heat. Onions dipped in oil should cause oil to boil. Fry the onions over high heat until golden brown. Juice should go out of it.

4. Stage

Now put the meat, peeled from the veins and cut into cubes. The fire is still big. Fry the meat, turning it over once, until it is browned. Add carrots, mix and cook until soft for 5 minutes. Now we pour about 500 ml of water, in the middle we insert the whole garlic, peeled only from the top husk.

5. Stage

Bring to a boil, then remove the garlic and set aside. Add salt. It needs so much so that the water is slightly more salt than the prepared pilaf, since rice will take part of the salt.

6. Stage

Pour rice and evenly level it. Water should lightly cover rice. Now we cook pilaf for 10 minutes, until the water almost disappears. If there is too much water, you need to make holes in the rice so that the water evaporates faster.

7. Stage

When the bulk of the water is absorbed, we return the garlic to the middle, sprinkle the rice with a slightly shredded zira and close the lid tightly. If there is no tight lid, you can cover the pilaf with an inverted dish, and already on top with a lid.

8. Stage

Fire should be reduced to weak and left for 20-25 minutes.