Title Value
1. Flour 500 Column
2. Milk 200 Column
3. Chicken egg 2 PC.
4. Butter 50 Column
5. Sugar 40 Column
6. Salt 10 Column
7. Dry yeast 8 Column
8. Filling taste


1 . Stage

Knead the dough, let it come up. Then divide the dough into two parts.

2 . Stage

Make a torso, paws. For the torso you need to roll out a small circle, make paws from sausages and carefully make fingers with a knife. Put the stuffing.

3 . Stage

Next, you need to take a dumpling, sprinkle it with flour and roll a layer of dough - you get pentagons from the dough.

4 . Stage

Lubricate the pentagons on one side with some water and stick on the turtle.

5 . Stage

The eyes of the turtle are cloves, and so that you can see the mouth after baking, make an incision and put foil several times folded into it.

6 . Stage

Allow the turtles to stand under a towel for about 20 minutes, grease them with an egg and milk and bake until they are rosy in color at 180 degrees.