Title Value
1. Potatoes 2 Kg
2. Sour cream 15% 1/3 L
3. Milk 2/3 L
4. Garlic 3 clove
5. Nutmeg 1 Tsp
6. Salt taste
7. Black pepper taste


1. Stage

Cut the potatoes into 2-4 mm thick mugs and wrap them in a towel. You do not need to rinse the chopped potatoes, since it is starch in combination with sour cream and milk that makes the casserole butter.

2. Stage

Rub a half of the garlic cloves on the wall and the bottom of the dishes, which will go into the oven. Pour sour cream and milk into the dishes.

3. Stage

Add salt, pepper and half ground nutmeg. Stir well.

4. Stage

Add the pre-chopped second half of the garlic clove. Stack the potato mugs by peeling them apart so that each one is completely covered with the creamy mixture.

5. Stage

Set the temperature in the oven to 180 C and bake gratin for about an hour and a half until a crust forms (if the top starts to burn, cover with foil).

6. Stage

Allow the gratin to brew for about 10 minutes before serving.