Title Value
1. Potatoes 7 PC.
2. Hard cheese 50 Column
3. Butter 30 Column
4. Mayonnaise 1 art. l
5. Dill 1 art. l
6. Salt taste
7. Garlic 3 clove


1. Stage

Well, wash the potatoes and prick with a fork in several places. Put on the wire rack in the oven and bake at 180 "until cooked for 45 minutes.

2. Stage

Three cheese on a fine grater, mix with softened butter, mayonnaise and dill. Roll up portioned balls.

3. Stage

The potatoes are slightly cooled and we make cross-shaped incisions, while cutting 1 cm each, without cutting to the end a couple cm.

4. Stage

In the middle of the potato we put a cheese ball and before serving, for 1-1.5 minutes in a microwave or oven.