Title Value
1. Smoked salmon 400 Column
2. Cream cheese 400 Column
3. Chicken egg 3 PC.
4. Garlic 2 clove
5. Green onion (feather) taste
6. Salt taste
7. Black pepper taste


1. Stage

We put boiled eggs. Meanwhile, we cut the salmon into thin, even slices. We take a cupcake mold and line the bottom of each with cling film.

2. Stage

We put a piece of fish at the bottom of each mold so that its edges protrude outward.

3. Stage

Now do the filling. Hard-boiled eggs are finely chopped. We do the same with garlic and feathers of green onions. Mix it all with cream cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

4. Stage

Next, put the filling in each mold and close the protruding ends of the fish as an envelope. Wrap the film too. The filling should protrude slightly from the mold.

5. Stage

When everything is ready, you need to “muffin” something to press down so that the filling is tamped and placed in the refrigerator for several hours.

6. Stage

Take out the snack by gently pulling the edges of the cling film. Appetizer of salmon and cream cheese is ready.