Title Value
1. Champignon 500 Column
2. Chicken fillet 400 Column
3. Mashed potatoes 300 Column
4. Hard cheese 150 Column
5. Chips 100 Column
6. Bulb onions 3 PC.
7. Mayonnaise 120 Column
8. Cranberry 30 Column
9. Greenery 20 Column
10. Butter 30 Column
11. Vegetable oil 30 Column


1. Stage

Cook not too thin mashed potatoes, let it cool, put on a flat dish in the form of a snake.

2. Stage

Peel the onion, finely chop, marinate with lemon juice, then lay it on the potatoes, grease with mayonnaise.

3. Stage

Fry chopped mushrooms in a pan with onions and vegetable oil, adding a little butter, let cool, lay out with the next layer, grease with mayonnaise.

4. Stage

Boil chicken until tender, cool, finely chop, put in a new layer, grease with mayonnaise.

5. Stage

Rub the cheese, put in the next layer, grease with mayonnaise, gently spread.

6. Stage

Mash the chips to small crumbs, sprinkle the salad, make a crown of whole chips, make the eyes and arrange the snake with cranberries.

7. Stage

A puff snake is made with chicken, mushrooms and chips, greens, which must be laid out at the edges of the snake's body on a dish.