Title Value
1. Shrimp 100 Column
2. Green apples 1 PC.
3. Chinese cabbage 100 Column
4. Avocado 1 PC.
5. Green onion (feather) 50 Column
6. Parsley (greens) 30 Column
7. Mayonnaise Sauce 3 art. l
8. Dijon mustard Sauce 1/2 Tsp
9. Lemon Sauce 1 PC.
10. Salt Sauce taste
11. Black pepper Sauce taste


1. Stage

Chop the cabbage very finely, add salt and mash it to a soft, elastic state.

2. Stage

Peel the apple and avocado, cut into slices and pour plenty of lemon juice in order not to darken. Combine all the ingredients of the salad with shrimp in a salad bowl, adding finely chopped onions and parsley.

3. Stage

Prepare the dressing dressing by mixing all the ingredients, add salt, pepper to taste and finely grated lemon peel.

4. Stage

Season the salad before serving, just before eating.