Title Value
1. Crab sticks 1 Pack
2. Boiled eggs 3 PC.
3. Bulb onions 1 PC.
4. Canned corn 1 B.
5. Mayonnaise 30 Column
6. Ketchup 30 Column
7. Korean carrots for decoration
8. Black olives for decoration
9. Green peas for decoration
10. Red caviar for decoration
11. Corn for decoration
12. Mayonnaise for decoration
13. Dill for decoration


1. Stage

We cut all the ingredients into small cubes, mix and season with mayonnaise. Put the salad on a flat dish and form a ball. Mix ketchup with mayonnaise and coat the Christmas tree salad with an even layer over the entire surface. We decorate the salad like a Christmas toy with the help of ingredients and attach a sprig of dill on top.