Title Value
1. Pumpkin 200 gram
2. Semolina 30 gram
3. Sugar 40 gram
4. Water 300 Ml
5. Lemon acid 1 pinch
6. Ground cinnamon taste
7. Ground ginger taste
8. Nutmeg taste


1 . Stage

Transfer the peeled pumpkin into a small saucepan, pour 100 ml of water and simmer until soft.

2 . Stage

Pour 200 ml of water into another pan, pour semolina and sugar. Cook constantly stirring for 3 minutes, then cool.

3 . Stage

Transfer the pumpkin into a deep bowl and mash it with a fork. If you want a more uniform mousse then beat the pumpkin with a blender.

4 . Stage

Add semolina, citric acid and all the spices to your pumpkin to your taste. Mix well with a spoon, then beat with a mixer for 2 minutes to make the mousse airy.

5 . Stage

Place the finished mousse in portioned plates and refrigerate for 2 hours, after which you can serve. Bon Appetit!!!