Title Value
1. New potatoes 3 PC.
2. Chicken egg 2 PC.
3. Processed cheese 100 Column
4. Milk 50 Column
5. Dill 50 Column
6. Salt taste
7. Black pepper taste


1. Stage

Three potatoes on a grater, beat eggs and milk in a bowl. We lay the grated potatoes in a thick layer on a heated pan, sprinkled with oil, pour in the beaten egg and milk mass, add spices.

2. Stage

Add spices during the beating of eggs and milk. Stack the melted cheese with ringlets on top and close the lid.

3. Stage

The fire is slow, the pan is warmed up, a layer of milk with an egg slightly covers the potatoes, and half the cheese rings, wait 7 minutes, remove the lid, cut into pieces only then put the portions on a plate. Sprinkle with green peas.