Title Value
1. Pork 1000 Column
2. The apples 2 PC.
3. Prunes 300 Column
4. Mayonnaise 4 tbsp
5. Sweet red pepper 1 Tsp
6. Salt 1 Tsp
7. Garlic 4 clove


1 . Stage

To wash pork, make cuts in several places across the fibers in the form of a book .

2 . Stage

Combine mayonnaise, garlic, salt and pepper and grate the meat with this mixture.

3 . Stage

Between the cuts lay slices of apples and a few pieces of prunes. All this is wrapped in foil and refrigerated for 5 hours.

4 . Stage

In the same rolled form, we set to bake with the addition of a little water in the process. Fry at 180 degrees for an hour and a half. Then remove the foil and give the browning to our pork book .