Title Value
1. Butter 200 Column
2. Sugar 2 Art.
3. Sour cream 15% 1 Art.
4. Chicken egg 1 PC.
5. Potato starch 1 Art.
6. Flour 800 Column
7. Vanilla sugar 1 pack
8. Salt 1 pinch
9. Slaked soda 1/2 Tsp
10. Sugar 2/3 Art.
11. Water 4 tbsp
12. Cocoa 2 tbsp
13. Cranberry 1 Art.
14. Sugar 1/4 Art.


1 . Stage

White butter softened at room temperature with white sugar. Add the remaining ingredients and knead a soft plastic dough. Divide the dough into 2 equal parts - for hats and legs.

2 . Stage

From one part to make 100 slightly flattened balls. These will be mushroom caps. Bake them on an ungreased baking sheet. In still warm baked hats in the center of the flat side, make indentations with a knife with a sharp tip - the legs will be glued into them.

3 . Stage

Prepare in advance 100 pallets from squares of baking paper with a side of 6-7 cm. While the hats are baking, roll the legs from the second part of the dough: one side is wider, the other is narrower like mushrooms.

4 . Stage

Place the legs in paper bags, put on a baking sheet and bake. Kulechek will not allow the thin end of the leg to creep out, and the whole leg, slightly increasing during baking, will not lose its regular tapering shape. Remove the baked legs from the bag.

5 . Stage

To prepare the syrup, boil 2/3 cup sugar with 4 tbsp. l water.

6 . Stage

Dip the thin ends of the legs of porcini mushrooms in warm syrup, combine with hats and carefully lay them out to dry. After drying, imitate poppy ground on the legs. To do this, dip the legs of the mushrooms in syrup, then in a bowl with poppy seeds. We leave the syrup to dry and the “ground” to be well fixed.

7 . Stage

We grease the legs and the lower part of the mushroom caps with egg white, whipped with icing sugar. Dip the ends of the legs in the poppy and allow to dry. Then, glue the legs and hats with the remaining whipped protein with sugar. Let’s dry.

8 . Stage

Coloring caps of porcini mushrooms. Add a little water and 1-2 tbsp. To the rest of the cooled syrup. l boil the cocoa again. Dip the mushrooms in hats into the resulting fondant. Coloring of fly agaric hats. Red paint for fly agaric hats: knead 1/2 cup cranberries, boil 3-5 minutes with 1/4 cup sugar and strain through a strainer while hot.

9 . Stage

We color the hats by briefly immersing them in warm syrup. Let’s dry. If desired, coloring can be repeated after 10 minutes to obtain a thicker paint layer. We make white dots on the fly agaric hats with unpainted warm sugar syrup. We give all the mushrooms to completely dry for 2 hours.