Recipe information
2 hour 7 min.
Calorie content:


Title Value
1. Water 125 Column
2. Confectionery Fat 30 Column
3. Flour 230 Column
4. Dye taste
5. Flour 150 Column
6. Confectionery Fat 150 Column
7. Walnuts Filling 150 Column
8. Powdered sugar Filling 3 art. l
9. Chicken Egg Protein Filling 1 PC.
10. Ground cinnamon Filling 1 Tsp


1. Stage

We make the first dough. We mix all the components, you should get a soft dough. Cover it and let stand for a bit.

2. Stage

For the second test we do the same, mix everything.

3. Stage

The first dough should be divided into two even parts and add food coloring in one. Divide the two resulting species into small pieces of equal number.

4. Stage

The second dough is also divided into pieces in the same amount.

5. Stage

Roll round cakes from white and color dough, put a slice of the second dough on them. Pinch and roll into oval cakes. Roll into rolls and leave them for 20 minutes, covering with a film so as not to wind.

6. Stage

Meanwhile, prepare the filling for the cake: crush the walnut, add the icing sugar, egg white and cinnamon to it. Mix all ingredients until smooth.

7. Stage

After 20 minutes, roll the rolls into oblong flat cakes. Roll up again and leave for 20 minutes.

8. Stage

After 20 minutes, flatten each roll into a round cake, fold the white cake with color in pairs, put the filling on top. Pinch the edges. To form balls, turn it upside down.

9. Stage

Make cross-shaped incisions with a sharp knife, cutting through all layers of dough. Thus prepare the products for baking. Put the cake on a baking sheet covered with baking paper.

10. Stage

Bake cookies in a preheated oven at t 180 degrees, about 30 minutes. Ready cookies have a uniform color.