Title Value
1. Flour 200 Column
2. Sugar 200 Column
3. Baking powder 10 Column
4. Butter 100 Column
5. Chicken egg 2 PC.
6. Milk 200 Ml
7. Black tea 2 pack
8. Kiwi 4 PC.


1 . Stage

Heat the milk and brew 2 tea bags in it. Brew a few minutes to the desired fortress.

2 . Stage

Mix flour and sugar separately. Then melt the butter and add tea + milk to the mixture.

3 . Stage

Add eggs to the mixture, mixing thoroughly so that the eggs do not cook. Pour the liquid mixture into flour + sugar.

4 . Stage

Add baking powder. Pour 1/2 of the dough into a mold and put in a preheated oven up to 200 gr. Bake until slightly golden.

5 . Stage

And put the sliced fruits on top, pour the second part of the dough. And again in the oven until slightly golden.