Title Value
1. Salmon fillets 1 PC.
2. Garlic 2 clove
3. Vegetable oil for frying
4. Salt taste
5. Black pepper taste
6. Honey Sauce 2 tbsp
7. Vinegar Sauce 2 tbsp
8. Soy sauce Sauce 6 tbsp
9. Vegetable oil Sauce 1 tbsp


1 . Stage

We clean, wash, dry, salt and pepper the fish. Let’s lie down for half an hour. We cut into narrow strips.

2 . Stage

Pour a little oil into the preheated pan. Press the garlic with the handle of a knife so that it bursts and put in oil.

3 . Stage

We put the fish in the skin down, fry until light crust. Turn over and pour a little sauce.

4 . Stage

Then turn it over and pour over the sauce again. So repeat several times until the fish is fried on all sides.