Title Value
1. Green tea 1 Tsp
2. Cranberry juice 200 Ml
3. Water 500 Ml
4. Lemon 1/2 PC.
5. Mint 10 Column
6. Sugar taste

1. Stage

Pour tea with boiling water and let it brew well. Cut the lemon into slices.

2. Stage

Strain the tea in a jug, add lemon and mint to it. Then add the fruit drink, you can also take not only cranberry, but also blackberry or any other.

3. Stage

Add filtered water, mix sugar and serve.

4. Stage

Have a nice drink !!!

5. Stage

Green tea with cranberry juice is a refreshing, light and tasty drink for a large company. Such a drink is perfect for any festive feast, just to refresh yourself on a hot day, you can safely give it to children, add the amount of sugar to your liking, it can also be replaced with honey. Also, before serving, you can add ice to reveal the aroma and taste of mint, slightly knead it with lemon.