Recipe information
30 min.
Calorie content:
Title Value
1. Mussels 500 Column
2. Flour 1 Art.
3. Mineral water 0.5 L
4. Chicken egg 1 PC.
5. Soda 1 Tsp
6. Salt taste
7. Frying oil 1 Art.
8. Walnuts Sauce 100 Column
9. Garlic Sauce 3 clove
10. Bread Sauce 3 a piece
11. Parsley (greens) Sauce 20 Column
12. Olive oil Sauce 3 art. l
13. Natural yogurt Sauce 150 Column
14. Black pepper Sauce taste
15. Salt Sauce taste
16. Water Sauce 3 art. l

1. Stage

To start, we will prepare the sauce. Fill the garlic and nuts in a blender bowl and beat, then add a little stale bread without crust and chop until smooth.

2. Stage

Add a little olive oil, beat well. Add chopped herbs, salt and pepper to taste, as well as yogurt. Mix well.

3. Stage

Mix half a glass of flour with salt, soda and flour, just add a little pepper, pour in half the water and a beaten egg, add water if necessary, the batter should be consistency like pancake dough.

4. Stage

Dry the mussels and roll in the remaining flour.

5. Stage

Transfer the mussels to the dough, mix so that they are completely covered.

6. Stage

Place the mussels in batter in a well-heated skillet with vegetable oil. Fry on all sides until golden brown.

7. Stage

Put the finished mussels on paper towels to remove excess fat. Serve with the sauce.

8. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

9. Stage

Fried mussels with tarator sauce are very tasty with a crispy crust, fragrant and juicy. The sauce is perfect for fish, squid and mussels, it is very simple and quick to cook, for taste you can also add a little lemon juice. This dish is perfect for friendly gatherings with beer. Also, mussels can be strung on skewers and served in portions by watering immediately with sauce, but this will take more time and not too convenient. You can replace the proposed sauce with any other one that you like best.