Title Value
1. Bouillon 2 L
2. Potatoes 4 PC.
3. Bulb onions 2 PC.
4. Carrot 1 PC.
5. Vegetable oil 2 art. l
6. Spice taste
7. Chicken egg 2 PC.
8. Flour 1.5 Art.
9. Salt 2 pinch


1. Stage

In a boiling broth, put 1 chopped onion, potatoes and cook until tender.

2. Stage

Make dough for dumplings: mix eggs with flour and a pinch of salt. The dough should be like thick sour cream. Collect dough in 1/4 tablespoon and lower into a boiling broth.

3. Stage

In vegetable oil, fry with the remaining onions and carrots. Season the soup. Cook until cooked, season with salt, spices and herbs. Serve with sour cream.