Title Value
1. Duck fillet 2 PC.
2. Honey 4 art. l
3. Soy sauce 100 Ml
4. Garlic 2 clove
5. Lemon juice 1 art. l
6. Black pepper taste

1. Stage

Cut excess fat from meat and cut into small pieces.

2. Stage

For the marinade, chop the garlic coarsely and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Salt does not need to be added enough will be soy sauce. Put the chopped breast in the marinade and leave for 1 hour.

3. Stage

Remove the meat from the marinade. You need to get the garlic as well. Fry the breast in a very heated pan until cooked.

4. Stage

Pour the marinade into the same pan where the meat was cooked, cook over high heat until thickened, this will be a wonderful sauce. We threw out the garlic because during cooking it can burn and give bitterness.

5. Stage

Pour the prepared meat with sauce and garnish with berries.

6. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

7. Stage

Duck breast in soy sauce is very juicy and tasty, it’s quite easy to cook, we use marinade in which we will marinate the meat to prepare the sauce which will give the meat an even more rich taste. In such a marinade, it is best to pickle the duck at night, but if you have little time, then you can completely cook in 1 hour.