Title Value
1. Powdered sugar 750 Column
2. Flour 230 Column
3. Potato starch 750 Column
4. Butter 250 Column
5. Cream 33% Filling 200 Ml
6. Vanilla extract Filling 0.5 Tsp
7. Strawberry jam Filling 250 Column
8. Powdered sugar Filling 30 Column


1 . Stage

It is necessary to heat the oven to 170 C. Prepare two baking sheets and cover them with baking paper. Then you need to sift flour, starch and powdered sugar into a bowl. Put soft butter in the same bowl and rub all the ingredients with a wooden spatula until you get a homogeneous mixture of the consistency of the paste.

2 . Stage

After that, you need to take a pastry bag and fasten an even large nozzle on it. Put the finished dough with a spoon in small portions into a bag and place even circles of dough of a sufficiently large diameter on baking sheets, leaving a noticeable distance between them (at least two and a half centimeters).

3 . Stage

You need to use up all the cooked dough by filling both baking sheets in even circles. Take a sharpened knife and draw lines on the circles towards the outer edges from the center, depicting a wheel with knitting needles.

4 . Stage

It takes about fifteen minutes to bake the blanks; they should acquire a light golden hue. Let them lie on the pan for several minutes after baking, and then let them cool completely on the wire rack.

5 . Stage

While the cookies are cooling, you have to whip the cream; do not make the peaks too stiff. Add vanilla essence to the cream. Squeeze half the amount of the resulting cookies with strawberry jam, and put on it with a spoonful of vanilla cream.

6 . Stage

Stick to each such cookie a second cookie that is not oiled. Before serving, you need to put the cookies on a large dish and decorate with powdered sugar.

7 . Stage

Double biscuits with cream are tasty and satisfying, the dough is short and soft, for the filling you can use any jam, the taste depends on your preference. Such cookies turn out to be quite sweet and therefore can safely replace any dessert on the festive table, serve with any drink.