Title Value
1. Chicken Egg Protein 3 PC.
2. Cocoa 65 Column
3. Ground cinnamon 1/2 Tsp
4. Salt 1/4 Tsp
5. Vanilla extract 1 Tsp
6. Chocolate drops 100 Column
7. Powdered sugar 360 Column

1. Stage

Mix all dry ingredients, mix until smooth.

2. Stage

Add egg whites and vanilla extract to the dry ingredients. Mix well.

3. Stage

Add chocolate drops, you can also add dried cranberries will be very tasty.

4. Stage

Put the finished dough on a baking sheet covered with parchment using a teaspoon at a distance from each other. Bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes, then let cool on a baking sheet for 10 minutes.

5. Stage

Cookies are very delicate and fragile.

6. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

7. Stage

Crunchy chocolate chip cookies are simply delicious, crisp on the outside and very tender on the inside. Cooking such cookies is very simple and quick, this is a great recipe for all lovers of sweets, especially chocolate lovers. If you wish, you can add dried cranberries, cherries and even nuts, but before that it is better to dry them in the oven and grind them into crumbs. The dough turns out pretty liquid.