Title Value
1. Baguette 1/2 PC.
2. Bold curd 300 Column
3. Salmon 100 Column
4. Dill 20 Column
5. Salt taste

1. Stage

Divide the cottage cheese into three parts. Salt one part a little and beat into the blender paste. In the second, add the salmon fillet and also beat with a blender, and in the third part - dill. We got cottage cheese with you in three different colors.

2. Stage

Curd with dill grind through moist to remove large branches.

3. Stage

Cut the baguette into slices along.

4. Stage

Smear the baguette completely with cottage cheese and fish.

5. Stage

Then, using a pastry syringe, squeeze out the rest of the curd creams on the baguette as you like, you can use some pattern or just curly stripes.

6. Stage

Cut the baguette into portioned slices and serve.

7. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

8. Stage

This appetizer of curd creams of different three types on a baguette is very tasty and original, perfect for any holiday. You can initially cut the baguette into beautiful pieces, and then decorate each one; you can also lay on top a piece of fish or greens.