Title Value
1. Boiled pork 1 Kg
2. French mustard 4 Tsp
3. Dried cranberries 1 handfuls
4. Paprika 1 Tsp
5. Honey 1 Tsp
6. Garlic powder 1/4 Tsp
7. Black pepper taste
8. Salt taste

1. Stage

Rub the meat on all sides with salt, pepper and dried garlic. Leave for a few hours to marinate the meat, then stuff with dried cranberries.

2. Stage

Fry the meat on all sides in a hot frying pan until golden brown.

3. Stage

Put the meat on the foil. Mix mustard with paprika, honey and grease the prepared mixture with meat. Wrap the foil tightly, bake at 250 degrees 30 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 220 degrees and cook for about 1 hour.

4. Stage

Remove the boiled pork from the oven, let stand for 10 minutes, after which you can unfold the foil, cut into pieces and serve.

5. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

6. Stage

Boiled pork with cranberries turns out to be very tender, tasty and aromatic. Mustard makes meat more tender and juicy. Such boiled pork is perfect for any side dish or just vegetables, you can serve it hot or cold as sandwiches. If you wish, you can add your favorite spices, to add a pleasant aroma, you can put several branches of thyme in the foil.