Title Value
1. Biscuit cookies 200 Column
2. Butter 120 Column
3. Cherry 500 Column
4. Chicken egg 4 PC.
5. Sugar 160 Column
6. Vanilla sugar 8 Column
7. Bold curd 750 Column
8. Potato starch 50 Column
9. Cream 40% 200 Ml


1 . Stage

Crush biscuit cookies. Add softened butter to the same bowl. Mix these two ingredients with your hands until you get a homogeneous consistency. Cover the round shape with baking paper. Put half of the mass obtained in the 1st stage on the bottom of the mold, level with your hands so that the bottom is completely covered. Lay out the walls of the mold with the other half of the mass, carefully pressing with your hands. Wash the cherry and peel the stalks and seeds. 10-12 berries set aside to decorate the cake. Put the cherries in a sieve to drain the resulting juice. Grind the eggs with granulated sugar and vanilla sugar. Add sifted starch and cottage cheese to the egg-sugar cream. Mix well. Pour a little fill on the sponge cake so that the bottom is approximately 1/4 of the whole mixture. Put the cherries on top. Fill the remaining mixture with the cherry in the mold. Bake the cake for about 50 minutes. in a preheated oven to 180 degrees. Decorate the cooled cake with whipped cream and previously laid cherry. We’ll prepare the whipped cream ourselves: for this we’ll whip the cold cream until the desired consistency is formed, put in a pastry syringe and make a “wave” along the edge of the cake. Put the cherries.