Title Value
1. Water 2 L
2. Pine needles 200 Column
3. Honey 2 art. l
4. Lemon juice 1 art. l
5. Mint taste

1. Stage

Needles can be collected in the park, but it is better that there are no cars in the forest and the trees do not accumulate toxins in such quantities as urban fir trees. Twigs choose a younger one. Separate the needles from the branches and pour boiled water. Let it infuse under the lid for about 20 minutes.

2. Stage

Then add honey and lemon juice, adjust the amount to your liking. Pour into glasses and garnish with mint as desired.

3. Stage

Have a nice drink !!!

4. Stage

Such a drink from the needles turns out to be very tasty and fragrant, and also the needles contain a lot of vitamin C "" which is very useful in the autumn to strengthen immunity. Lemon juice is also rich in vitamins, and it also adds a little sourness to our drink that goes well with the taste of pine. Many recipes offer to boil needles for 10 minutes, but insisting will be quite enough, so all vitamins will remain in the water and the taste will not be too cloying and bitter.