Title Value
1. Sour cream 15% 450 Column
2. Shortbread 300 Column
3. Butter 100 Column
4. Condensed milk 300 Column
5. Gelatin 10 Column
6. Water 3/4 Art.


1 . Stage

Cover the shape (preferably detachable) with parchment paper.

2 . Stage

Grind cookies in small crumbs and mix with melted butter. The mass should not be oily, but not too dry. Put the mass in the mold and tamp well. Refrigerate for half an hour.

3 . Stage

Mix sour cream with condensed milk.

4 . Stage

Pour gelatin 3/4 cup of water and leave for 10 minutes. to swell. Then melt it in a water bath so that it is completely dissolved.

5 . Stage

Into the sour cream-condensed mass, slowly introduce gelatin, stirring well. Then pour into the form. And send to the refrigerator until completely solidified.