Title Value
1. Chicken thighs 4 PC.
2. White cabbage 300 Column
3. Bulb onions 2 PC.
4. Carrot 1 PC.
5. Tomatoes 1 PC.
6. Bell pepper 1 PC.
7. Garlic 3 clove
8. Mayonnaise 4 art. l
9. Salt taste
10. Black pepper taste
11. Greenery 15 Column


1. Stage

Salt the meat, grate with garlic and pepper, grease with mayonnaise on top in a cold place for half an hour.

2. Stage

Prepare vegetables for slicing: cut onions, tomatoes and carrots into cubes, finely chop the cabbage into strips.

3. Stage

On a greased form, lay out the vegetables in layers, first of all cabbage, carrots, onions and tomatoes, salt and pepper all this, and put the hips on top.

4. Stage

Bake at 180 degrees without foil for about an hour.