Title Value
1. Chicken fillet 6 PC.
2. Chicken egg 2 PC.
3. Mustard 3 Tsp
4. Black pepper taste
5. Salt taste
6. Greenery 3 tbsp
7. Mayonnaise 2 tbsp
8. Vegetable oil 1 tbsp
9. Puffless yeast dough 400 gram


1 . Stage

Beat the bird fillet, salt and pepper.

2 . Stage

Grease with mustard (the kind you like)

3 . Stage

For the pancakes, lightly beat the eggs, salt, mix with finely chopped herbs, and bake in a greased frying pan. I even greased a non-stick pancake pan, since the pancakes are very delicate and I was afraid of tearing them when I turned them, but it worked out fine. The diameter of the pan was about 26-27 cm. We made two pancakes. We cut them into three segments.

4 . Stage

Place the pancakes on the prepared fillet, roll up. If necessary, fix with skewers and place in the oiled form. Coat the top with mayonnaise and bake for 20 minutes at 200 *.

5 . Stage

Roll out the puff pastry, divide into the desired number of rectangles and wrap the slightly cooled rolls in them. Place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Continue baking at the same temperature until golden brown.

6 . Stage

Bon appetit!