Title Value
1. A hen 1 Kg
2. Bulb onions 50 Column
3. Carrot 50 Column
4. Parsley (root) 20 Column
5. Champignon 100 Column
6. Gelatin 20 Column
7. Bay leaf 2 PC.
8. Black pepper taste
9. Salt taste


1. Stage

Rinse the chicken, cut into pieces and put in a simmer for 4 hours. Water should cover the nest for 2 cm. One hour before the end of cooking, add bay leaf, onions, carrots, parsley root, salt and pepper to taste in a pan.

2. Stage

Remove the meat from the broth, separate the meat from the bones and cut into pieces.

3. Stage

Boil the mushrooms and chop finely.

4. Stage

Strain the broth and dissolve the gelatin in it.

5. Stage

Arrange the meat and mushrooms on a plate and fill with broth. Put in a cool place until completely solidified.