Title Value
1. Cherries 300 Column
2. Gelatin 1 art. l
3. Grape juice 200 Ml
4. Mint 20 Column

1. Stage

Rinse and cut the cherry in half, remove the seeds, cut some parts in half again to make everything beautifully. Pour gelatin with a little juice and leave to swell.

2. Stage

Put the cherries in piles or small glasses, put several mint leaves in each glass.

3. Stage

Dissolve gelatin in a small amount of juice and then mix with the rest of the juice. Pour the cups of cherries to the top with the resulting jelly and refrigerate until completely frozen.

4. Stage

Dip the glasses with the finished dessert in warm water for a few seconds and turn them on a plate, so the jelly can easily separate from the glass and not be damaged. Serve right away.

5. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

6. Stage

Jelly with cherries and mint is very simple and quick to prepare, such a simple dessert is perfect for any holiday or just to complete a family dinner. If you will treat adult guests then grape juice can be replaced with white wine. Mint adds freshness and piquancy.