Recipe information
1 hour 20 min.
Calorie content:
Title Value
1. Flour The basis 250 Column
2. Sugar The basis 130 Column
3. Chicken egg The basis 1 PC.
4. Cocoa The basis 15 Column
5. Baking powder The basis 15 Column
6. Butter The basis 150 Column
7. Salt The basis 1 pinch
8. Curd 9% Filling 500 Column
9. Sugar Filling 100 Column
10. Chicken egg Filling 3 PC.
11. Potato starch Filling 2 art. l
12. Sugar Sprinkling 75 Column
13. Butter Sprinkling 75 Column
14. Flour Sprinkling 150 Column
15. Cocoa Sprinkling 1 art. l

1. Stage

For the base, mix the flour with cocoa, salt, sugar and baking powder. Then add the grated butter and egg, knead the dough, wrap it in cling film and put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

2. Stage

Lubricate the demountable mold 20 cm in diameter with oil. Roll out the dough and shift into the form making the sides.

3. Stage

For the filling, divide the eggs into proteins and yolks. Mix cottage cheese with yolks, add sugar and starch. Beat the whites separately until stable peaks and add to the cottage cheese, mix gently.

4. Stage

To sprinkle, mix all the ingredients and grind by hand.

5. Stage

Transfer the curd mass to the base and sprinkle the cooked sprinkle on top. Bake in a preheated oven to 180 degrees for 1 hour. Cool and serve.

6. Stage

The curd cake with topping turns out to be very tender, juicy, tasty and just melts in your mouth. It is perfect for the whole family, take the cottage cheese is not too wet, otherwise the filling can settle. You can use potato or corn starch; in principle, cottage cheese will suit any fat content; it's just a matter of taste. Optionally, add some vanilla sugar or cinnamon to the filling.