Title Value
1. Minced meat 500 Column
2. Chicken egg 1 PC.
3. Bulb onions 2 PC.
4. Carrot 1 PC.
5. Cream cheese 3 PC.
6. Potatoes 6 PC.
7. Salt taste
8. Spice taste
9. Bay leaf 1 PC.
10. Vegetable oil 30 Column
11. Greenery 20 Column


1. Stage

Dice the onion and fry until golden brown in a little vegetable oil.

2. Stage

Salt and pepper the minced meat. Add 1 egg, half fried onion. Mix. Form the meatballs.

3. Stage

Grate the carrots. Fry in vegetable oil. Add fried onions and carrots to a saucepan with water, salt. Bring to a boil.

4. Stage

Put the prepared meatballs in the soup. Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes. After 8 minutes, add potatoes to the soup. Add bay leaves, spices to taste.

5. Stage

Cut the curds into small cubes. Add the curds to the soup when the potatoes are ready. We mix well so that the curds dissolve. After 3 minutes add the herbs and remove from heat.