Title Value
1. Tomatoes 2 PC.
2. Cucumbers 2 PC.
3. Hard cheese 100 Column
4. Rye crackers 100 Column
5. Crab sticks 200 Column
6. Mayonnaise 1 art. l
7. Salt taste

1. Stage

Grate cheese on a coarse grater.

2. Stage

Cut the tomatoes into strips.

3. Stage

Cucumbers also cut into strips.

4. Stage

A crab sticks circles.

5. Stage

Take crackers with your favorite flavor or cook yourself.

6. Stage

Mix all the ingredients, salt to taste and season with mayonnaise. Stir and serve.

7. Stage

Salad Cheese crisp with fresh vegetables and crab sticks turns out to be rich, hearty, aromatic and tasty, but at the same time quite light. Such a salad will perfectly decorate any holiday table; it is simple and quick to prepare. You can replace rye crackers with crackers made of white bread, and mayonnaise with sour cream mixed with spices and mustard. Prepare the salad immediately before serving or prepare all the ingredients, and add the crackers before serving so that they do not get wet.