Title Value
1. Cauliflower 400 Column
2. Champignon 150 Column
3. Bulb onions 1 PC.
4. Carrot 1 PC.
5. Paprika 0.5 Tsp
6. Sour cream 15% 2 art. l
7. Coriander 1 pinch
8. Black pepper taste
9. Salt taste
10. Vegetable oil for frying

1. Stage

Rinse the cabbage, sort into inflorescences and dip in boiling, salted water, cook for about 3 minutes. fold in a colander and rinse immediately with cold water.

2. Stage

Cut the carrots into strips, and dice the onions. Fry in vegetable oil until soft.

3. Stage

Cut the mushrooms into slices and add to the pan, add some salt and spices and fry until all the liquid has evaporated.

4. Stage

Then add the cabbage, mix well.

5. Stage

Add sour cream, cook for a few minutes, taste and if necessary add salt and spices.

6. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

7. Stage

Cauliflower with mushrooms in sour cream is very tender, tasty and satisfying. It is very simple and quick to prepare such a dish; it is perfect for any side dish or as an independent dish. Mushrooms can be replaced with other mushrooms, take sour cream of any fat content. Any housewife will cope with this recipe, it can be prepared on the festive table, as well as served for a regular lunch or dinner.