Title Value
1. Cauliflower 600 Column
2. Chicken fillet 300 Column
3. Hard cheese 200 Column
4. Chicken egg 3 PC.
5. Garlic 2 clove
6. Cream 10% 1 Art.
7. Black pepper taste
8. Salt taste

1. Stage

Rinse cauliflower, disassemble for inflorescences, boil in salted boiling water for about 3 minutes. Then flip the colander so that the glass is all water. Then put the cabbage in a tall mold slightly oiled.

2. Stage

Cut the chicken fillet into cubes or strips. Fry until light brown on a small amount of vegetable oil.

3. Stage

Put the meat on the cabbage, a little salt and pepper.

4. Stage

Beat the eggs, pour in the cream, salt and pepper to taste, add the grated cheese and the garlic passed through the press. Mix well until smooth.

5. Stage

Pour the fill into the baking dish, cook in a preheated oven at 180 degrees 35 minutes.

6. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

7. Stage

Cauliflower and chicken casserole is very hearty, tasty, tender and aromatic. Cooking such a casserole is quite simple and quick; this dish is perfect for the whole family for lunch or dinner. Add to your taste your favorite spices, cheese can also be used to your taste. Instead of cream, you can use non-fat sour cream or milk, optionally also add a little onion and herbs.