Title Value
1. Corn 10 PC.
2. Sugar 5 art. l
3. Salt 1 art. l
4. Vinegar 9% 2 art. l

1. Stage

Peel the corn from greens and hair. At the bottom of the pan, lay the corn leaves for flavor, put the corn, fill it with water, add sugar and cook after boiling for 20 minutes. Then immediately pull it into cold water, several races should change the water to cooler, this procedure will make the grains soft.

2. Stage

Cut the grains from the ears into a bowl with a knife.

3. Stage

Pour the corn into sterile cans on the shoulders, put the cans in a pan with a covered bottom, pour water between the cans.

4. Stage

Pour 1/3 tbsp into each jar. l sugar and as much salt.

5. Stage

Fill each jar with water to the base of the neck. Put the pan on the fire, cover the jars with lids and sterilize after boiling over medium heat for about an hour. Before sterilization is completed, pour vinegar into the cans; 1 tbsp. Can of 0.5 l. l vinegar.

6. Stage

Then roll up immediately. If you are worried about the safety of the roll, then add 0.5 tablets of aspirin to each jar.

7. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!