Title Value
1. Waffle cakes 2 PC.
2. Calua Coffee Liqueur Syrup 1 tbsp
3. Water Syrup 150 Ml
4. Sugar Syrup 3 tbsp
5. Butter Cream 300 Column
6. White chocolate Cream 50 Column
7. Milk Cream 2 tbsp
8. Milk chocolate Cream 150 Column
9. Peanut Cream 100 Column
10. Peanut Cream 200 Column
11. Chocolate Cream 100 Column
12. Condensed milk Cream 400 Column
13. Milk Cream 250 Ml
14. Flour Cream 4 tbsp
15. Chicken egg Cream 2 PC.
16. Chicken egg Biscuit 4 PC.
17. Baking powder Biscuit 1 pack
18. Flour Biscuit 220 Column
19. Cocoa Biscuit 20 Column
20. Vegetable oil Biscuit 75 Ml
21. Hot water Biscuit 75 Ml
22. Sugar Biscuit 200 Column
23. Vanilla Biscuit 1/4 Tsp


1 . Stage

Biscuit. Eggs are divided into proteins and yolks. Beat whites with 100 gr. sugar until strong peaks. Yolks in a separate bowl, beat with the rest of the sugar, vanilla and water to a light yellow mass. Pour in oil and mix. Combine flour with cocoa, baking powder and sift.

2 . Stage

Combine the proteins with the yolk mass, mix gently with a spatula. In two doses, introduce the dry mixture and mix very carefully. Bake in paper-coated form for 40 minutes. Cool and let lie down for at least 6 hours. Cream. Beat eggs with condensed milk, add flour, mix and pour warm milk. Cook in a water bath until thickened. Add the chocolate to the hot cream and mix until smooth. Cool well.

3 . Stage

Beat the butter until fluffy and gradually introduce the custard mass. Peanuts, peel, crush, fry and add to cream. Syrup. Cook sugar syrup, cool, add liquor and mix. Assembly. Cut the biscuit into 3 parts. Soak in syrup, coat with cream. Immediately there is a biscuit, cream, wafer cake, cream, etc.

4 . Stage

Chocolate 80 gr. melt with milk and pour on top of the cake. Top with roasted peanuts. Sprinkle the edges of the cake with chocolate chips.

5 . Stage

Melt white chocolate in a water bath and decorate the cake. Put the cake for soaking in the refrigerator for 12 hours.