Title Value
1. Sour cream 15% 700 Column
2. Crackers 300 Column
3. Raisins 100 Column
4. Chocolate 200 Column
5. Gelatin 25 Column
6. Kiwi Jelly 90 Column
7. White grape 200 Column
8. Sugar 1 Art.
9. Vanilla sugar 1 Pack


1 . Stage

First of all, we dilute gelatin in 150 ml of hot water. Leave to cool.

2 . Stage

We dilute, according to the instructions, jelly in 300 ml of hot water. Also let cool. Crackers break in half.

3 . Stage

Sour cream, sugar and vanilla sugar thoroughly beat. When the mass is beaten, add the cooled gelatin and whisk again.

4 . Stage

Finely break a bar of chocolate with a knife. In a bowl with sour cream, add cracker and steamed raisins. Knead well.

5 . Stage

We get a detachable form. We spread 1/3 of our cream. Gently sprinkle it with chocolate. Put another part of the cream on the chocolate and sprinkle it with chocolate again. Then spread the remaining mass. We put the mold in the refrigerator for solidification for 30 minutes.

6 . Stage

While the cream is setting, we get the grapes, cut it into halves. Gently pour the grapes with green jelly. We put in the refrigerator until the jelly hardens completely, you can leave it overnight.