Title Value
1. Sour cream 15% 0.5 L
2. Sugar 1 Art.
3. Gelatin 1 pack
4. Water 0.5 Art.
5. Biscuit 300 Column
6. Strawberry 100 Column
7. Kiwi 100 Column


1 . Stage

Pour gelatin with water and leave to swell.

2 . Stage

Wash the fruits, peel and chop them. Cut the biscuit into small pieces.

3 . Stage

Mix sour cream with sugar and whisk with a mixer.

4 . Stage

We heat up the swollen gelatin in a water bath without boiling. And pour into sour cream, stir.

5 . Stage

Cover the deep dishes with cling film. Pour some berries on the bottom. Lay pieces of biscuit on top. Pour cream.

6 . Stage

And then lay in layers. On top, cover with a film and send it to the refrigerator. Three hours later, the cake is ready.