1 . Stage

Make a plain biscuit. Beat egg yolks and proteins separately with sugar, then mix and add flour. Bake for about 35 minutes. at 180 degrees.

2 . Stage

To prepare the mousse, it is necessary to melt the chocolate, pour gelatin with water so that it swells, 100 ml. heat the cream and pour gelatin into them. Mix cream with chocolate. Beat the remaining cream until soft foam and then send also in chocolate.

3 . Stage

Put the finished cooled cake into a slightly larger baking dish with a pre-coated cling film.

4 . Stage

Cut the oranges into rings and lay out between the cake and the wall of the mold.

5 . Stage

Put the mousse cake on top, and chopped second orange on top. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

6 . Stage

Making a ganache. Melt the chocolate in a steam bath, add a little warmed cream and butter, mix well and cool. Fork over the mousse and decorate.

7 . Stage

Put the finished cake in the refrigerator for the night.