Title Value
1. Chicken fillet 200 Column
2. Water 3 L
3. Champignon 250 Column
4. Bulb onions 1 PC.
5. Buckwheat 1/2 Art.
6. Carrot 1 PC.
7. Leek 100 Column
8. Bay leaf 2 PC.
9. Parsley (greens) taste
10. Vegetable oil for frying
11. Salt taste
12. Potatoes Dumplings 3 PC.
13. Chicken egg Dumplings 1 PC.
14. Flour Dumplings 4 art. l
15. Salt Dumplings 1 pinch

1. Stage

Cut the meat into pieces and cook until tender in slightly salted water.

2. Stage

Cut the mushrooms into slices and fry in vegetable oil until light brown.

3. Stage

Then add the grated carrots, chopped onions and leek rings to the mushrooms. Fry for a few minutes.

4. Stage

For dumplings, boil the potatoes, mash in mashed potatoes, add the egg, salt and mix well. Add flour and mix again.

5. Stage

Add pre-washed buckwheat and bay leaf to the meat pan.

6. Stage

Using a teaspoon, add dumplings to the soup, just pick up a little in a spoon and dip in the soup.

7. Stage

When the potato dumplings pop up, add the mushrooms, salt to taste and cook after boiling for 5 minutes.

8. Stage

Add chopped parsley and serve.

9. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!