Title Value
1. Flour 500 Column
2. Powdered sugar 200 Column
3. Butter 400 Column
4. Egg yolk 5 PC.
5. Salt 1/3 Tsp
6. Lemon juice 1 art. l
7. Lemon zest 1 art. l

1. Stage

Mix soft butter with powdered sugar and salt. Mix well until smooth.

2. Stage

Add 4 egg yolks, zest and lemon juice to the oil, gradually introduce the sifted flour and knead the dough. Wrap it in cling film and put in the refrigerator for half an hour.

3. Stage

Roll out the dough about 3 mm thick and cut out any shape.

4. Stage

Mix the remaining egg yolk with 1 tbsp. l water and grease cookies. Bake 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

5. Stage

Cookies with lemon are tender, sandy, tasty and fragrant. Cooking such cookies is very simple and fast, it is perfect for tea drinking for the whole family and guests. If desired, sprinkle the finished cookies with icing sugar, you can use regular sugar for cooking, but icing sugar will make the dough more uniform and tender. The amount of lemon zest can be adjusted to your taste.