Title Value
1. Lightly salted herring 1 PC.
2. Boiled beets 1 PC.
3. Boiled eggs 3 PC.
4. Butter 70 Column
5. Bulb onions 0.5 PC.
6. Salt taste
7. Black pepper taste
8. Greenery for decoration

1. Stage

Peel herring from skin and bones, cut into small pieces. Add finely chopped onions, mix.

2. Stage

Peel and mash boiled eggs with a fork or grate on a fine grater.

3. Stage

Add soft butter to the eggs and mix thoroughly, add a little pepper and salt, mix again.

4. Stage

Peel and cut the boiled beets with medium-thick plates. Cut out portioning molds from the plates, you can have any shape: round, triangular, and if you make such an appetizer for the New Year, you can in the form of a Christmas tree, use cookie cutters for this.

5. Stage

Without removing the mold so as not to grease our layers, lay out the first layer of the egg, tamp a little and lay out the fish with the egg. Carefully remove the mold.

6. Stage

Put the finished appetizer on a dish and decorate with greens.

7. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

8. Stage

Such an appetizer is delicious and very beautiful, with such a dish you can decorate any holiday table or diversify a family feast. Portioned snacks which is very convenient.