Title Value
1. Bananas 2 PC.
2. Vanilla extract 1 Tsp
3. Water 100 Ml
4. Corn starch 30 Column
5. Flour 60 Column
6. Baking powder 1/2 Tsp
7. Sugar 1 Art.
8. Soda 1/2 Tsp
9. Sesame 2 pinch
10. Vegetable oil 100 Ml

1. Stage

Combine flour, baking powder, starch, soda and vanilla essence. Add a little water to make the dough liquid.

2. Stage

Cut bananas into medium slices.

3. Stage

Dip each slice of banana in the cooked dough.

4. Stage

Heat the oil well in a pan and put the bananas, cook until golden.

5. Stage

For caramel, pour sugar into a pan, add water and keep on medium heat until the caramel is golden brown.

6. Stage

Dip each piece of banana in caramel and immediately lower it into very cold water with ice so that the caramel quickly grabs and freezes. Bananas in caramel sauce are ready, sprinkle with sesame seeds and can be served.

7. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!