Title Value
1. Pork loin 1.2 Kg
2. Garlic 6 clove
3. Bay leaf 3 PC.
4. Mayonnaise 1 Art.
5. Coriander 1 art. l
6. Black pepper 1.5 art. l
7. Paprika 1.5 art. l
8. Salt taste

1. Stage

In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise, garlic, pepper, coriander, pepper and paprika, passed through the press, add salt to taste and mix well.

2. Stage

Rinse and dry the pork, put the meat in foil with the expectation that the meat would be completely wrapped.

3. Stage

Lubricate the meat on all sides with mayonnaise. Put the bay leaf on top, close the foil tightly. refrigerate for 2 hours.

4. Stage

Bake at 180 degrees for 3 hours.

5. Stage

Remove the foil, remove the bay leaf and serve.

6. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

7. Stage

Baked pork with mayonnaise and spices turns out incredibly tender, juicy and tasty. Such meat is perfect for any side dish or just with vegetable salad, as well as with pickles. You can change and select spices to your liking, garlic gives pork piquancy and a pleasant aroma. Such a dish will definitely decorate any festive table, as well as diversify an ordinary family dinner.