Title Value
1. Leg of lamb 1 Kg
2. Lavender 1 Tsp
3. Rosemary 2 twig
4. Thyme 2 twig
5. Garlic 1 clove
6. Leek 50 Column
7. Potatoes 500 Column
8. Vinegar 2 art. l
9. Black pepper taste
10. Salt taste

1. Stage

Rinse the meat well, wipe and cut off all excess. Rub with vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Make deep cuts over the entire leg and stick thinly chopped garlic in each hole, add lavender to the same hole. Pickle 1 hour.

2. Stage

It is better to take potatoes young, they are washed well enough. If there is no young potato then take ordinary and just peel. Place the potatoes in the baking sleeve, place the meat on top, add the sprigs of rosemary and thyme. Tie the edges of the sleeve tightly.

3. Stage

Bake at 180 degrees 2.5 hours. Serve hot.

4. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

5. Stage

Baked lamb leg with lavender is very tasty, fragrant and tender. The potato is soaked with meat juice and it comes out incredibly tasty, the meat is easily separated from the bone and just melts in the mouth. This dish is not only perfect for a festive table, but also diversifies the family dinner. The best part is that the meat is cooked directly with a side dish. Serve with fresh or pickled vegetables.