Title Value
1. Cucumbers 400 Column
2. Tomatoes 300 Column
3. Bell pepper 1 PC.
4. Dill Umbrellas 1 PC.
5. Peppercorns 10 PC.
6. Bay leaf 2 PC.
7. Garlic 5 clove
8. Salt Marinade 2 art. l
9. Sugar Marinade 4 art. l
10. Vinegar 9% Marinade 6 art. l
11. Water Marinade 1 L

1. Stage

For cucumbers, cut the ends on both sides.

2. Stage

Put dill, chopped garlic, pepper and bay leaf on the bottom of a sterile jar. Then lay out the cucumbers tightly.

3. Stage

Put chopped bell peppers and fill the jar to the top with tomatoes.

4. Stage

Pour boiling water over the jars, cover and let stand for 10 minutes, then drain the water, boil and pour in our assortment again for 10 minutes.

5. Stage

Then drain the water, add salt and sugar to it, boil, remove from heat, add vinegar and pour the cans with marinade. Roll up.

6. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!