Title Value
1. Sugar 1.5 Art.
2. Water 2.5 L
3. Apricots 300 Column
4. Lemon acid 1/4 Tsp

1. Stage

Rinse the apricots, remove the seeds and transfer to sterile 3 liters. cans. Make syrup, just dissolve sugar, citric acid in boiling water. Pour the apricots with the prepared syrup.

2. Stage

Place jars with compote in a deep pan with a covered bottom, pour boiling water and sterilize the compote for 10 minutes after boiling again.

3. Stage

Twist the finished compote with sterile covers and place under the blanket until the caps are completely cooled down.

4. Stage

Have a nice drink !!!

5. Stage

Apricot compote is rich, aromatic and tasty. According to this recipe, apricot does not lose its shape and half of the fruit remains intact. You can change the amount of sugar to your liking. The bones must be removed otherwise the compote can be bitter.